Do you get bored with same old routine work? Getting up in the morning, switching your computer on, and so on? Wouldn’t you love the idea of your computer greeting you with your favorite tune every time you login? Windows Task Scheduler sets up for the task.

Task Scheduler lets you create and manage the tasks you would like your system to perform automatically at the time you specify. We have already seen how we can Activate & Automate Enhanced Disk Cleanup Tool operation and schedule a Batch File to run automatically in Windows 8 or Windows 7. Today we will see how to make your Windows PC sing to you at every startup.

To begin, you will have to first create a Basic Task using Task Scheduler. Bring up the Control Panel first. Type ‘Administrative Tools’ in its search option. Click on the link and from the list of tools displayed select ‘Task Scheduler’.
Task Scheduler - 1
Next, click on ‘Create Basic Task’. You’ll find two empty fields in ‘Create Basic Task Wizard’.
Name – Give your task a suitable name
Description – Here, type in a short description for you task. See the screen-shot below. When done, hit ‘Next’.
Create Basic task Wizard - 2

Then, under ‘Task Trigger’ window select triggering time for the task. For example, when you would you want the task to trigger.
Task Trigger - 3

Proceeding further, select the action for your task.
Task Trigger action - 4

Next, for starting the program you need to enter the script/address. Simply hit the ‘Browse’ button to look for the address. Then add arguments. Be sure not leave spaces between the path address.
start a program - 7

For this, search for the song of your choice, right-click it and select ‘Properties’.
Add Arguements - 5

Thereafter, copy-paste the address in the ‘Add Arguments’ field. Hit ‘Next’!
Add Arguements Address - 6
If you would like to configure some changes after finishing the steps required for creating a task, check ‘Open the Properties Dialog Box….’ option.
Click Finish and there you are!
If all looks fine click ‘OK’.

Finally, check the newly created task in the ‘Task scheduler Library’ and select ‘Run’ command from the ‘Action’ menu to run the task.
Run Task - 8
Now every time your Windows starts, you will be able to hear your favorite tune.

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