As huge supporters of sharing the love through open source content delivery, we wanted to create a valuable resource dedicated to the best open source CDNs. The CDNs featured in this list are actually used by performance pros and updated by developers. They allow you to offload bandwidth and improve content delivery speed at absolutely no cost. When you combine these open source CDNs with your overall content delivery solution, you’ll see why faster doesn’t always mean pricier. Here’s to a faster web and sharing the CDN love.

JavaScript CDNs host popular JavaScript libraries. They remove the bandwidth requirements of hosting scripts from web servers while allowing users to cache scripts that are shared across websites.

Google Hosted Libraries

Logo for Google Hosted Libraries.Google Hosted Libraries hosts some of the world’s most popular open-source JavaScript libraries including jQuery, AngularJS, Prototype and Dojo. Google’s CDN provides a high availability, low latency resource for delivering scripts to users. As of March 2014, Google serves 23% of all CDN requests for 300,000 top-ranked Alexa sites.

jQuery CDN


Logo for jQuery.jQuery, one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries, uses MaxCDN to power over 94 million websites. jQuery simplifies some of the more common scripting functions on the web including AJAX, animation, and HTML DOM traversal. With such a large user base, the jQuery CDN makes it easy to provide jQuery and its associated libraries to users while taking advantage of caching.
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Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network

Logo for Microsoft.For websites using ASP.NET, Microsoft’s CDN provides a convenient way to deliver popular JavaScript frameworks without having to slow down users. In addition to jQuery libraries, the Microsoft Ajax CDN hosts Ajax Control Toolkit, Ajax for ASP.NET, MVC and SignalR.

Yandex CDN

Logo for Yandex.Yandex, a Russian Internet company and search engine provider, provides a CDN for popular JavaScript libraries. As Russia’s largest Internet company, Yandex’s CDN offers a low latency alternative for Russian and eastern European customers. Some of the more popular projects hosted by Yandex include jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS.



Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) CDNs host popular CSS files and frameworks. CSS CDNs provide themes, styles and structure to websites. CDNs that host CSS in addition to other file types are listed below under Assorted CDNs.

Ionicons CDN

Logo for the Ionic FrameworkIonicons is a full icon set for the Ionic HTML framework. Sponsored by MaxCDN, the Ionicons CDN makes it easy to add an open source font set to any website. Ionicons provides roughly 350 icons, ranging from simple arrows to social media logos.

Assorted CDNs

Assorted CDNs host a combination of files including JavaScript, CSS, web frameworks and plugins. Some assorted CDNs allow users to contribute their own files.

Bootstrap CDN

(Delivered by MaxCDN)
Logo for Bootstrap.Bootstrap CDN is a MaxCDN-powered delivery network for the Bootstrap, Font Awesome and Bootswatch projects. Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap is one of the web’s most popular open source front-end frameworks. With a user base including NASA and MSNBC, the Bootstrap CDN helps over 3.7 million websites deliver responsive HTML5 content to their users.
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Logo for CDNJS.Cdnjs is a community-powered CDN used by over 320,000 websites. Sponsored by CloudFlare, UserApp and Algolia, cdnjs hosts over 1,000 libraries. In addition to allowing user contributions through GitHub, cdnjs supports npm, a JavaScript package manager bundled with Node.js. Npm support allows cdnjs to automatically populate and update libraries without additional intervention from the developer.



Logo for JSDelivr.jsDelivr is a publicly available CDN where any web developer can upload and host their own files. Similar to cdnjs, jsDelivr allows users to add projects such as jQuery plugins, WordPress plugins and fonts through GitHub, resulting in over 1100 actively hosted libraries. jsDeliver also offers library grouping which makes it possible for users to download multiple libraries through a single HTTP request.
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Logo for OSS CDN.MaxCDN’s Open Source Software CDN hosts a variety of open source projects including JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, Linux mirrors and executable files. OSS CDN is built on jsDelivr, providing access to thousands of developer-contributed tools and libraries. It’s used by over 200,000 websites around the world.

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