Sometimes, the following message prevents you from inserting or hiding columns or rows in a worksheet.
Cannot shift objects off sheet message box
If you see this message, refer to the following table for possible solutions.

To fixed  1:

The "Cannot shift objects off worksheet" message occurs when you attempt to insert rows or columns in a worksheet, and the option Nothing (hide objects) is selected under the For objects, show section in the Excel Options dialog box. This is a known bug in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Although this option is not selected by default, it's possible to set it accidentally by pressing a particular keyboard shortcut (CTRL+6).
To work around the bug, you must change the setting from Nothing (hide objects) to All. The fastest way to do this is by pressing CTRL+6.
Alternatively, you can change the setting in the Excel Options dialog box. To do so, click the Microsoft Office Button Office button image, and then click Excel Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to Display options for this workbook settings. Under For objects, show, select All instead of Nothing (hide objects).
Options for showing and hiding objects in Excel Options dialog box
It may be that you intentionally hid objects in your workbook. For example, if you have a lot of objects in your workbook, opting to hide those objects may make the workbook more responsive. If that's the case, you can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+6) to switch between hiding and showing objects.

Credit: Microsoft Help

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