Now i can share with you about installing a centos web panel with run centos 6.5, this software same function with zpanel, ispconfig or virtumin. With this software you can manage all virtual web on your VPS with IP shared. CWP maybe rival for cPanel (comercial), this bulid with PHP engine, so you can try now for enjoy manage your your web server provider. This feature of CWP.

CentOS Web Panel come with lots of features and free services:
***Now with Admin and Client panel***
3rd Party Aplications
- CloudLinux + CageFS + PHP Selector
- Softaculous – Script Installer (coming soon)
CentOS Web Panel (CWP)
- Setups Server for Web Hosting (websites like WordPress…)
Web Server
- Varnish Cache server (improve your server performances by 3x)
- Compiles Apache from source (improves up to 15% on performances)
- Apache server status, configuration
- Edit apache vhosts, vhosts templates, include configuration
- Rebuild all apache Virtual hosts with one click
- suPHP & suExec (improved security)
- Mod Security + OWASP rules (one click install, easy management)
- Compiles PHP from source (improves up to 20% on performances)
- PHP switcher (switch between PHP versions like: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5)
- Simple php editor
- PHP addons with one click
- PHP.ini editor & PHP info & List modules
- php.ini per user account (you can add changes in /home/USER/php.ini)
- CloudLinux + PHP Selector
User Management
- Add, List, Edit adn Remove Users
- User Monitoring (list users open files, listening sockets…)
- Shell access management
- User Limit Managment (Quota and Inodes)
- User FTP & File Manager
- CloudLinux + CageFS
- FreeDNS (Free DNS Server, no need for additional IPs)
- Add, Edit, List and Remove DNS zones
- Edit nameserver IPs
- DNS zone template editor
- postfix & dovecot
- MailBoxes, Alias
- Roundcube webmail
- Postfix Mail queue
- rDNS Checker Module (check you rDNS records)
- AntiSPAM (Spamhaus cronjob)
- Hardware Information (CPU core and clock info)
- Memory Information (Memory usage info)
- Disk Info (Detailed Disk status)
- Software Info (kernel version, uptime…)
- Services Status (Quick services restart eg. Apache, FTP,Mail…)
- ChkConfig Manager (Quick list and manage your services)
- Network port usage
- Network configuration
- SSHD configuration
- Auto-Fixer (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)
- Live Monitoring (Monitor services eg. top, apache stats, mysql…)
- Use Java SSH Console within panel
- Services Configuration (eg. Apache, PHP, MySQL…)
- Run shell commands in screen/background
- CSF Firewall (Best Linux Firewall)
- SSL generator
- SSL Certificate Manager (quick and easy installation of SSL Certs)
- CloudLinux + CageFS
- MySQL Database Managment
- Add local or remote access user
- Live Monitor MySQL process list
- Create, Remove database
- Add additional users per database
- MySQL server configuration
- PhpMyAdmin (database managment)
Additional options
- TeamSpeak 3 Manager (Voice servers)
- Shoutcast Manager (Shoutcast streaming servers)
- Auto-update
- Backup manager
- File Manager
- Virtual FTP users per domain

CWP – CentOS Web Panel minimal system requirements
** Possible to work with CentOS 5 but not fully tested, CentOS 7 is NOT supported for now!
** Clean Installation required without MySQL.
** If you get any issue while installing please contact support here.
How to install NEW CentOS Web Panel?
Installer all versions:
Login on your server as root and run following command:
cd /usr/local/src
go to CentOS WebPanel Admin GUI at http://SERVER_IP:2030/
Username: root
Password: your root password
Configuration of WebPanel
- Setup nameservers
- Setup shared ip
- Setup at least one hosting package
- Setup root email
& now you are ready to host domains…


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